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Ludicrous Returns Stock Model Output Spreadsheets

When to buy and when to sell. Based on patterns that predict the future. Discovered by charting stocks over a 50-year period Not a day trading system.

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What You'll Discover

2007 – 2020 Test Simulation Stock Model Output spreadsheets

Spreadsheets of ALL MODEL STOCKS selections, buy dates, sell dates, and sell rules applied

Stocks rejected by the model and why

How the returns were calculated in detail

Cashflow template (from book) you can use optimize investment per stock for a given size portfolio & Equity / Cash position

Practice charting stock examples using 2007 - 2020 model buy and sell trade examples!

Screen Stocks to find only the best stocks to buy and hold at all times. Identify stocks to avoid.

Capital Gain-to-Loss Ratio is 24:1! Solid evidence the stock model is successful at picking best of the best stocks, identifying the best stock buy opportunities available at any time, and selling at intelligent times to retain profits!

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