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Stock Model Training Video Package

Looking to significantly improve your rate of return?

Want to learn how to apply Ludicrous Stock Model on your own investments?

Ludicrous Stock Model

Not a day trading system (keep your day job!) Process:

Chart stocks once per week and some selected stocks daily after market close

Model Development:

Inspired by the vision to earn game-changer returns vs. the market by seeking patterns that predict performance, in-depth analysis was conducted on stock patterns over a 50-year period, from 1970 to 2020.

Discovery: Patterns that predict performance consistently over the long term, across stocks of multiple industries and market caps.

How Does The Stock Model Work?

The Module Is Configured to:

Identify price patterns with high statistical correlation to predict 3-6 month stock performance

Sell stocks that continue to flat line horizontally or decline

Continuously direct investment to the best of the best opportunities for price growth at any time

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What You'll Learn

Stock Model magic formula and process

How to apply the model

Step-by-step live instructions and examples

How to Chart stocks using Model logic

Model buy and sell rules

Build a stock list & screen stocks for the best of the best stocks

Identify stocks to stay away

Enter stop sell price based on model output



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